Travelling Abroad? Don't forget your Crit'Air Vignette!

All vehicles travelling through Paris, Lyon & Grenoble (with more cities to follow) now have to display an anti-pollution sticker, known as a Crit’Air Vignette. There are six emission grades showing how polluting the vehicle is: all Kenhire’s vehicles will be either Crit’Air 1 (Euro 5 & 6 petrol models) or Crit’Air 2 (Euro 5 & 6 diesels).

The six stickers allow officials to ban certain vehicles – based on Crit’Air ratings – from entering the city at times of high pollution.

Applications for vignettes can take several weeks to be processed, so if you are taking one of our vehicles into any areas that have these pollution controls in place, you need to notify us as soon as possible, so that we can sort out the paperwork.

We charge £10 + vat for each vehicle’s vignette; you won’t be able to purchase one directly from the French authorities, as the application process involves uploading the vehicle’s registration document.

Full details can be viewed at, but one tip is that (at the time of writing) you don’t need a sticker if you’re using the Paris Ring Road (the Boulevard Périphérique). Some sat-nav devices may lead drivers to the 18km tunnel that runs beneath the city, but accessing this will need a sticker, so be warned!

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