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Secure online vehicle hire booking

To book a hire vehicle, select the type of vehicle and dates you require, then click the 'Request' button for your chosen vehicle group. Once you've submitted the request, we will contact you to confirm availability and take payment.

The booking info notes should assist, but please email us if you need any help, or call 01233 622991 to book over the phone.


Booking Info:

Online Discount
The displayed prices are our standard rates. To get your online booking discount, select 'online discount'  in the extras section and your price will be adjusted.

Overseas Hire
To amend the price to take the vehicle overseas, select 'foreign travel charges' in the extras section of the booking. Remember to add the Crit'Air option if it's needed.

Selecting start and finish times of either 8:00am or 5:00pm will ensure that you get the best price. If you need a pick-up or return time later in the day, please contact us for a quote.

Hourly Hires
Vans are available for hourly rental, but whilst prices will be displayed, we don't book hourly hires in advance. If you send a request, we will contact you nearer the time to confirm availability.

Evenings & Weekends
To get the correct evening and weekend rates and special rates for hires of one day and two nights, you must select a start time of 5:00pm and a return time of 8:00am.

Long Term Rates
Please call 01233 622991 to negotiate special rates for longer term hires.