Changes to Congestion Charge for Central London

The Congestion Charge has been temporarily increased and extended to evenings and weekends.

The Congestion Charge is a daily fee for driving a vehicle within a zone in central London.  It is aimed at reducing traffic on busy roads, and also lowering air and noise pollution, and raising funds for London's transport system.

From 22nd June 2020 the daily charge has temporarily risen by £3.50 and lasts for longer hours.  The Congestion Charge was previously £11.50 each day, for driving a vehicle within the charging zone between 7am and 6pm Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays.  However, the hours have increased to 7am until 10pm, and the charge is extended to the weekends as well.  The cost has risen from £11.50 each day to £15 per day.

It is hoped the new hours and higher levy could reduce exhaust emissions by 11 per cent, cut car journeys by a third, and make it safer to walk and cycle.

It will be your responsibility to pay the daily charge if you are travelling into Central London in your hire vehicle, and you will be liable for any penalty fines for unpaid charges.


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