Rental Info & Extras

Kenhire's flexibility means your rental can be configured to suit your needs.

Extra Drivers

Our standard rates include insurance cover for one driver only.

Additional drivers can be added for a one-off charge, provided that we see their licence & DVLA check code and they meet our insurance requirements.

Additional Drivers: £5.00 + vat, per driver, per hire.

Click | Book a vehicle online : add the number of additional drivers at the 'Extras' stage.

Long Day Hire

Single day hires usually run from 8:00am or 5:00pm for 24 hours.

If you want an early start or late finish, you can have your hire vehicle for an extra 12 hours overnight for as little as £5.00 + vat.

Ask about this option when you book, or if you are booking online make sure you enter a start time of 5.00pm and a return time of 8.00am to get the correct price.

Click | Book a vehicle online for one day and two nights.


All the hire prices quoted in this website include fully comprehensive insurance and Collision Damage Waiver.

Kenhire's insurance covers drivers between the ages of 25 and 70, with 2 years driving experience (maximum age for 7.5ton lorries and minibus drivers is 69).

For drivers aged 21-24 and 71-74 (subject to our insurer's approval) the insurance excess and CDW rates are increased.

Basic prices include fully comprehensive insurance cover, but the excess remains the responsibility of the hirer.

If the Collision Damage Waiver option is taken, the hirer's liability is reduced to £100 (£200 when hiring 7.5ton GVW vehicles).

The hirer is responsible for the first £100 of damage in all circumstances, and will also be charged in full for damage to tyres, interior or roof and any damage caused by using the wrong fuel.

Only drivers who have produced their licence and have been approved by Kenhire will be insured to drive the hire vehicle.

Licences with certain endorsements can be accepted, but only when specifically authorised by our insurance company. Please check with us at the time of booking if the driver has any endorsements (points), as increased CDW rates and a higher policy excess may be applied.

Remember that drivers will need to supply a DVLA check code, so that we can check the licence details online.

More details about our insurance cover can be found on the FAQs - Insurance page.

You may provide fully comprehensive insurance cover on any hire vehicle, although this feature is usually only available to companies with fleet insurance or private individuals whose own vehicle is off the road.

Proof of cover must be given and the hirer will be responsible for any excess that applies.

Price reductions will apply when using your own insurance, but you will need to talk to us about this, as the online prices and booking facility can only deal with 'insured' hires.

Click | Contact us if you have any insurance-related questions.

Long Term Deals

Flexible monthly rentals and full maintenance contract hires are available and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Choose a vehicle from our rental fleet or select any brand new model and we will provide a quotation, based on the length of hire and estimated mileage.

You can find out more details on our contract hire page or by calling Olivia Gannon on 01233 622991.

Click  |  Contact us for more information on contract hire & leasing.

Vehicle Modifications

For customers with hire requirements that aren't catered for by the standard types of vehicle, we are happy to make our workshop facilities available to adapt vehicles to suit.

Bulkheads, loadspace racking, glass frails, toolboxes etc, are all examples of customer requests that have been carried out by our workshops.

If you give us your specifications and details of the hire period required, we will provide a quotation to include the necessary alterations.

And of course we don't just adapt our own vehicles: if you want your own car or van modified, ask us for a quote.

Click | Contact us for a quote to adapt a vehicle.

No Driving Licence?

If you are unable to produce your driving licence, we can obtain the details we need from the DVLC.

Click | Book a vehicle online and add a note that you'll need us to call the DVLA. 

Penalty Charges

Where fines for motoring offences (e.g. illegal parking, congestion charge penalties, speeding, bus lane infringements, etc) are not paid on the spot, Kenhire have to deal with the penalty charge notice and will charge a fee for the administration time.

PCN ADMINISTRATION CHARGE: £10.00 + VAT (in addition to fine)

Click | Contact us for your hire vehicle's registration number to enable you to pay the congestion charge in advance.

Free Parking

Parking facilities are available free of charge for customer's vehicles.

Just leave us the keys and we will lock your vehicle away for the duration of your hire.

Click | Book a vehicle online - you don't need to book parking.

Unlimited Mileage

All of Kenhire's short term rental rates include unlimited mileage, so your charges are the same irrespective of how far you travel.

Click  |  Book an unlimited mileage hire online.

Fuel Policy

All Kenhire's vehicles start with a full tank of fuel, so your first stop doesn't have to be the service station.

Any refill needed on return is chargeable, but our pump prices are close to those charged at local filling stations, so you won't need to top the tank up before you bring it back.

Click | Contact us if you want to check our current petrol or diesel prices.