Equipment Hire

Useful extras to make your hire vehicle fit your needs

Sack Barrows

To move heavy or unwieldy objects safely, we have a number of sack barrows available for hire (100kg safe working load).

At a daily charge of £5.00 including VAT, these are ideal for people moving house and take the strain out of carrying such items as refrigerators, cookers or heavy boxes to and from the van.

With an additional deposit, our sack barrows can also be hired on their own.

Rental Reminder:
When transporting a barrow in the back of a van, it is dangerous to lay it on its wheels - carry it face down or secured to prevent it sliding.
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Trailer Hire

We have a 2750 kg Car Transporter Trailer available for rent at £45.00 plus VAT per day (reductions for longer periods). Measuring 16' long by 6' 2" wide, with a 2000 kg payload, it will comfortably carry most cars and light vans.

Trailers must be covered by the towing vehicle's insurance, so we need a copy of your certificate before towing with your own car.

We have a range of hire vehicles fitted with tow bars, so we are able to rent vehicle and trailer combinations, if required.


 Rental Reminders:

  • Check your vehicle's GTW to make sure you will be within the legal towing weights.
  • Don't forget to bring a spare number plate for your towing vehicle.
  • The trailer does not come with straps, so you will need to provide your own, if necessary.

Tow Bars

Some of Kenhire's vans, MPVs and larger cars are fitted with dual ball and pin tow bars, with 13 pin electrical sockets.

Spare number plates are supplied for use on your trailer and we can provide a 13 to 7 pin adapter if your trailer has an older style electrical socket.

Subject to demand, tow bars can be fitted to other vehicles.

Rental Reminder:
If a 3500 kg GVW vehicle is fitted with a tow bar, a tachograph and operator licence may be required, depending on the weights involved.


If you need to transport heavy items, it may be worth considering a vehicle equipped with a taillift to make loading and unloading both easier and safer.

Kenhire have Luton vans and large box vans fitted with 500kg and 1000kg capacity lifts.

All taillifts are easy to operate but you will be instructed in their use if required.

Rental Reminder:
You must be safety conscious when operating taillifts - remember not to stand too close, don't lower on a slope, don't load close to the edge of the platform and keep children clear.

Load Lock Bars

Load restraining bars are available to use free of charge when you hire a Luton Van fitted with the appropriate side rails. Sprung loaded (like a toilet roll holder) these bars can be used at a variety of heights and are useful for securing your load.

All our Lutons are supplied with 2 load lock bars as standard, so you don't need to book them in advance; if you want more (or fewer), just ask at reception when you collect your van and we will sort out the number you need to help with your loading. 

Rental Reminder:
Load Lock Bars will restrain a maximum load of 400kg and should not be used as a safety device.

Snow Chains & Winter Tyres

If you are taking a vehicle abroad in the winter, you will almost certainly need to carry snow chains, and in some cases have winter tyres fitted as well. Winter tyres are compulsory in some countries and others recommend them, as you can be fined if you are found to be holding up traffic because of unsuitable tyres.

We have sets of snow chains and winter tyres for the most popular vehicle groups, which can be supplied as required, but please bear in mind that numbers are limited, so you will need to give plenty of notice.

The prices to hire these items will depend on the length of rental, just ask for a quote when you make your reservation. You are welcome to use your own snow chains (but not snow 'socks'), provided that they are the correct size.

If you want winter tyres for your own car, we will be happy to fit them; just call our workshops (01233 622909) for a price.

Rental Reminder: 
If you have to use the chains, make sure they are correctly fitted and remove them before driving on tarmac or other road surfaces.
Book a vehicle online : request snow tyres/chains in the comments box.


Many useful accessories can be purchased from our reception. Items such as de-icers, chamois leathers, pet hair removers, telescopic brushes and many other car care products are on display.

And if you need any other vehicle related product or accessory, just ask and we'll see if we can find it for you.