What's My Tyre Size?

Knowing what size tyre you need for your vehicle is important, and isn’t difficult to find out, but we thought it would be helpful to explain exactly where to find the information and what all the figures mean.

You’ll find all the information you need about your tyre on the surface of the sidewall, in the form of a series of numbers and letters.

Most tyre manufacturers follow an industry-standard method to show this information. The following details explain what these figures mean:


Tyre Width 185/75 R 16 C
The first figure indicates the width of a tyre in millimetres. This is the 185 figure in our picture.
Tyre Profile 185/75 R 16 C
The next number is the tyre’s profile, which is its height from the base of the tread to the rim. This number represents a percentage of the tread width. For example, the height of the tyre in our picture is 75% of its width. Low profile tyres will have smaller numbers.
Tyre Construction 185/75 R 16 C
The third digit shows how the tyre has been constructed. The R in our example means that this tyre has radial ply construction - in common with the majority of tyres used today
Rim Size 185/75 R 16 C
The next number indicates the diameter of the wheel rim in inches. The tyre in our example will fit on a 16” wheel.
Speed Rating 185/75 R 16 C
The final letter (C in our example) is a code which indicates the speed at which the tyre can be safely operated, subject to the tyre being in sound condition, correctly fitted and with the recommended inflation pressure.


Kenhire are happy to supply tyres and will fit them free of charge, so if you provide the above information from the side of your existing tyre when you come to us for a quote, we’ll be able to give you a competitive price for the correct size.

But if you’re still not sure of the size, or whether you actually even need a new tyre, you’re welcome to bring your vehicle to us, and we’ll take a look and advise you.



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