Kenhire now offer 4 Wheel Alignment Checks

We have recently installed new Hofman Ecoline 88 wheel alignment equipment in our workshop, so can now carry out four-wheel alignment tests with full printed reports, and provide quotes for any adjustment or repairs needed.

Using this equipment with the latest infra-red and wireless technology, we are able to accurately measure up to 14 primary wheel angles and compare them with the original specifications detailed by your car manufacturer. If any differences are found, we can correct these by adjusting your car's steering and suspension settings. 

Having correctly aligned wheels is important for maximising your vehicle’s road holding, prolonging the lifespan of your tyres, and even improving fuel consumption. Many things can cause wheels to become misaligned, but the most common are hitting a kerb or driving over a pot hole. You certainly need to have your alignment checked if your wheels have impacted anything. Incorrect wheel alignment will affect the handling of the vehicle and can result in rapid wearing on the edges of tyres, meaning you’ll have to pay for a replacement earlier than would otherwise be required.

Many garages offer a basic two wheel alignment, but Kenhire is one of the few locally to have the ability to check all four wheels, which helps maximise your fuel efficiency, reduce any uneven tyre wear and improve your driving comfort and safety.


What is Wheel Alignment?
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