Kenhire Scores 100% on Covid 19 Audit

This week saw the Independent Garage Association visit Kenhire to audit our procedures for reducing the risk of Covid 19 transmission, and we are pleased to say that we passed inspection with a 100% rating! This means that the IGA have certified our systems as fully compliant with the government's guidance on the correct management of the risks presented by Covid 19.

Our hygiene procedures for disinfecting both hire vehicles and customers' vehicles booked into our workshops, and our policies of contactless transactions and general social distancing mean that all our customers can be confident that we are doing everything we can to keep you safe.

If you wish to read the full audit report, you can download it here.

Hopefully you'll be reassured enough to visit our office and use one (or more) of our services, be it hire, repair, MOT or any of the other ways we can sort out your motoring needs.


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