Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Service & Re-Gas

Air Conditioning Service

Using state of the art equipment and fully qualified technicians, Kenhire offer a comprehensive air conditioning service (which includes re-charging the refrigerant) and can carry out repairs, leak testing and odour removal for your car's air conditioning or climate control system.

EU regulatory changes have seen the recent introduction of a new air gas refrigerant (known as R1234yf) for late model cars, which is more environmentally-friendly than the gas it replaces (R134a). Kenhire have the equipment to handle both the old and new refrigerant gasses, so will be able to look after your car’s air con or climate control system, regardless of when it was manufactured.

Due to the high cost of both R1234yf and R134a gas, and the varying capacities that different makes and models of vehicle have, each job is quoted on an individual basis. We charge a standard fee of £40.00 + vat to drain and clean the system and then a top-up cost for however much new gas is needed to get it working correctly.


  • Standard Fee          £40.00 + vat

  • Plus:

    • R134a Gas           10p + vat per gram

    • R1234yf Gas        22p + vat per gram


It is sometimes difficult to know which gas your car uses without looking under the bonnet for an identifying label, but Kenhire will be happy to identify which system your car has, and quote accordingly.

It is also worth bearing in mind that if your vehicle requires accident repair requiring any cooling pipes to be disturbed, you will need to find a bodyshop (such as Kenhire’s) that has access to the equipment necessary to safely drain and store the gas.

If you need any assistance in relation to air conditioning, or need a quote to repair a vehicle, please feel free to contact us.



Contact Kenhire's garage on 01233 622909 for more information on air conditioning service and repairs.


Discounted Hire Vehicle

If you hire a replacement vehicle while yours is in our workshops, you qualify for a 20% discount off the hire charge.

Just mention this offer when you book your vehicle, as this discount is not available as an option in our online reservation system.

Note: This discount cannot be combined with any other offer.