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FAQs Insurance


What age do I have to be to hire?
Under normal terms, Kenhire’s insurance covers drivers between the ages of 25 and 70, with 2 years driving experience, although for minibus and 7.5ton drivers, the maximum age is 69.

Subject to our insurer’s approval, we can hire to drivers aged 21-25 and 71-74, although extra charges will normally apply and the excess liability may be increased.

Can I hire if I have points on my licence?
Yes, but it is best to check with us as there are certain endorsements that we cannot insure. We can usually accept minor endorsements (e.g. SP, TS codes) but if you have anything else, we will probably need to double check with our insurers. Depending on the number and nature of the offences on your licence, an extra charge and increased excess may be applied.

Can you insure a driver with a foreign licence?
EU, Commonwealth and North American licences are normally acceptable, but we may have to check licences issued in other countries with our insurers first. The minimum age for overseas drivers is 25.

What excess am I liable for?
If you have taken our Collision Damage Waiver, you will only be liable for the first £100 of any damage repairs (£200 on 7.5ton vehicles).

Without the CDW, your excess liability would be higher, subject to the type of vehicle hired. For example Cars have an excess of between £350 and £500, depending on size, Minibuses and MPVs carry an excess of £600 and the excess on Vans ranges from £450 for the smallest, to £850 for the 7.5ton lorries.

Of course any excess is refunded if we recover the accident costs from a third party, and if the damage amounts to less than the excess, you will only be charged for the actual cost of repairs.

What is Collision Damage Waiver?
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is a chargeable option that you can pay in order to reduce the amount of the insurance excess that you are liable for. We normally include the CDW in the price we quote. You can opt not to take it, but you will be asked for a larger deposit (between £350 and £850, depending on the size of the vehicle), which becomes your liability in the event of any damage.

Is there anything that the CDW doesn’t cover?
There are a number of circumstances where you will be liable for the full cost of repairs. These are mainly damage to the vehicle’s tyres, interior or roof, but include things like damage caused by putting the wrong fuel in the vehicle or damage arising whilst the driver is under the influence of drink or drugs.

Are the contents of the hire vehicle insured?
No, loss of or damage to anything being transported or towed is not covered. Your home contents insurance may cover personal items being carried, but we suggest you check this beforehand.

Can I provide my own insurance cover?
Yes, and doing so will reduce your hire charges, but it is usually only corporate hirers who are able to cover vehicles on their own insurance. Any cover must be fully comprehensive and valid for the type of vehicle hired; if you need any help arranging insurance, we will happily talk to your broker.

Will my trailer be covered if I use a Kenhire vehicle to tow it?
No. Our cover extends to third party damage caused by whatever's being towed, but damage to, or loss of, your trailer/caravan is not covered. We recommend that you arrange separate insurance beforehand.